Mackel-loos 01
Physical attributes
Species Skorss
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Mackel-Loos was a Skorss teacher and a citizen of Sillage. He became Nävis' mentor after her arrival on the convoy, and educated her in her youth.

He taught her the official language, although, to his chagrin, profanity entered her vocabulary much faster than the rest. He was also responsible for finding a balanced diet for the young woman, and after much effort, Nävis managed to integrate into Sillage.[1]

During the opening of the museum of humanity, he was to address the crowd when the Ftoross ambassador pushed passed him to make an announcement. When he realized the diplomat was a suicide bomber, Mackel-Loos threw himself in his direction, but did not reach him in time to stop him. He was badly burned by the fiery explosion, and was kept in a coma for the time of his healing.[2]

Sadly, he never recovered from his injuries and died some time later. He was laid to rest in the ground of Nävis' personal ship, with many of the people whose life he influenced exchanging memories of him. Nävis herself was especially shaken by his loss, and it took her some time before she could even start to cope with it.[3]

A tree later grew over Mackel-Loos' grave. Nävis made a habit of taking good care of it.[4]

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