Heiliig Portrait 001
Physical attributes
Species Hottard
Gender Male
Status Alive

Heiliig was a male Hottard, and one of the leaders of his people during their stay with Sillage. His mate was Saahre.

Holding the rank and title of Madjestœt, he was in charge of the operation to "hottaform" a planet in order to make it into a new home for his wandering species. When the prospectors discovered no signs of indigenous intelligent life, he proceeded to give the Migreurs the order to create a settlement. The robot Snivel served as his assistant at that time.[1]

When Snivel discovered the existence of Nävis on the planet, he attempted to contact Sillage so that Nävis could be rescued and studied, but Heiliig took him apart, not caring about the human and deeming making a new home for his people more important. During a confrontation, he inadvertently killed Houyo when the creature bit his containment suit only to be burned by the escaping gases. He ordered the Migreurs to kill Nävis, only to be infuriated when she managed to win them over to her side. He attempted to kill her himself, only to be stopped and arrested by Sillage authorities for violating their laws by not being considerate of a planet's native species.

Years later, Nävis discovered that Heiliig's catatonic body was fueling her personal ship with psychic energy.[2] She soon decided to free him and return him to his people, who greeted him as a hero. His mate, Saahre, however, had bittersweet news: after losing him, she donated her reproductive matrix to a sterile woman, leaving her without the ability to bear him offspring.

Overwhelmed with guilt over his earlier actions, Heiliig rejected the role as a leader that his fellow Hottards envisioned for him. With some help from Bobo and Snivel, he destroyed the statue of him that had been erected in the town square of Hotta, and advised his people to "forget" him.[3]

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