Sillage 5
Date 2002
Issue 5
Writer Jean-David Morvan
Artist Philippe Buchet
Colorist Christian Lerolle
Pages 46
Preceded by The Sign of the Demons
Followed by Artifice

800px-Sillage Wake nr 5 Alien language.svg is the fifth album of the Sillage series, first released in 2002.

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Investigating terrorist attacks throughout wake leads to the discovery of the Ftoross, an oppressed underclass living in squalor within the ships of the convoy itself. Nävis tries but is unable to make much progress in cleaning up the inequities of Sillage civilization.

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The exhibition on humans at the beginning of the album includes numerous appearances of fictional characters, including robots such as Astro Boy, C-3PO, The Iron Giant, the Maschinenmensch from Metropolis, and a Cylon. Others include Betty Boop, and a robot very similar to Nsob.

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